More than just fitness

In the industry, we personal trainers often refer to ourselves as “fitness professionals.”  It’s a good description for most of the work we do, helping and advising our clientele on how to be more “fit,” but I feel like it fails to encompass the entirety our work.  It doesn’t begin to touch on how the work we do helps people feel at home in their own bodies.  It sterilizes the process of personal achievement we guide our clients through.  It removes the “personal” from “personal trainer.”

At Catalyst, our goal is to provoke change mentally and physically so our clients walk out confident and proud of themselves.  Not just physically tougher, but mentally tougher as well.  This is why I am in the career I am in, to help my clients achieve and be the inspiring force behind their changes.  The most rewarding part of my job is watching my clients break down their walls and limitations and achieve what had once been out of reach.

Facilitating this change does take a professional though.  While my mother is awesome at giving personal care and pushing me to grow, when I break a bone I will go to a doctor before I go to her.  This is because the doctor educates himself with research and has experience in treating cases like mine.  Without experience and knowledge, personal care doesn’t go far.  This applies to the fitness industry as well.  As a trainer I am hired ultimately for my knowledge and experience, not my charming personality and pleasant conversation.

In order to blend the personal and professional parts of my profession, I’m starting this blog as a place where I can be an inspiration for my clients outside of the gym.  This will serve as a collection of my thoughts and a record of my fitness journey and growth so that my clients (and others) can come to better themselves and learn more about me and my thoughts.