Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Getting Fit

The fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in America.  As many people are beginning to understand how much exercise impacts quality of life, fitness professionals are looking for new ways to innovate and expand the services they are able to offer.  Over the past decade we’ve seen explosions in the popularity of group fitness classes, adventure and obstacle course races, and incorporation movement into daily life.  Throughout this, fitness professionals such as personal trainers, nutritionists, and athletic coaches have been here doing the research needed to help others be at the top of their game.

While personal trainers make your personal training more effective, there are some downsides that make it difficult for many people.  One of the biggest restrictions on the influence a personal trainer can wield is the number of hours in the day.  On top of this, most of the world is at their desk between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  This effectively limits the time a trainer is able to work with their clients to the windows of 5-8am and 5-8pm leaving a massive window in the middle of the day where their time is less productive.

Because their time is so valuable, most trainers have cancellation policies that punish busy schedules and long hours at work.  Professions such as lawyers, consultants, and doctors who are on call face the issue of inconsistent schedules and, as a result, trainers haven’t worked well for them.  I’ve personally had nearly a dozen clients try things out for a month but end up having to leave because they couldn’t commit to a consistent time every week with their unpredictable work hours.

Online Personal Training

Enter online personal training

Online personal training works almost exactly like in person training with a few differences that make it a better fit for some clients.  Through an online personal training program, a personal trainer is able to provide workout plans, nutrition advice, answer specific questions, and help push their clients to reach their goals just as they would be able to in person.  By doing this online, the time restrictions for both the trainer and the client are removed.  The trainer is able to use the middle of their day to write out programs for their online clients, do the research needed to answer client’s questions, and review their client’s progress.  The client can then take the workout that the trainer has given them and complete it on their own schedule without being confined to a one hour block at a specific time.  There’s no cancellation fee if something comes up and there’s no rushing through traffic to make your appointment time.

We’ve been doing our online personal training program at Catalyst for six months now and we’ve been really happy with the results.  Our clients in that program say they are in the best shape of their lives and love the flexibility of the program.  Here are a couple quotes from our actual clients:

I started working with Scott as my online trainer 2 months into rehabbing my knee from a full knee replacement. Now, six months later, not only did my rehab go really well in rebuilding knee/leg strength and muscle tone, it has worked my whole body into the best shape I’ve been in since my 20’s (I’ve got abs again!). I love the variety and whole body workout focus. For anyone, like me, who wants to stay in shape and has been trying to do that on their own, I would strongly recommend giving Scott a chance to help you not only accomplish your fitness goals, but, through varied and challenging routines, to take you beyond what you thought you could do. ”   –  Mike

The best thing about online training is the flexibility. Since my schedule is always changing at the last minute, it would be hard for me to meet with a trainer regularly in person, or even attend group fitness classes like I did in the past. Online training allows me to do workouts that are specially tailored for me, but I can do them whenever it’s convenient for me! ” –  Kristi

To recap, here are the benefits of an online personal training program:

  • Greater flexibility in training time
  • Scheduling is easier
  • More efficient trainer interactions
  • Personalized programs with your goals in mind
  • Easy access to a fitness professional with any questions you have

If you think online personal training would be a good for you or if you’re stuck in your routine and looking to try something new, we’re now offering the first month free (a $75 value) for all new online personal training clients. You can head to to learn more.  Give it a shot for a month and let us show you these benefits.  If things don’t work out you can cancel at anytime.