The State of The Studio: A 5 Year Update

It’s been another awesome year for us at Catalyst. It’s been rewarding to see you guys hit goals that wouldn’t have been a dream a year ago and take on an active role in your well being. It’s all about being there to help you become the person you dream of being. It’s been a pleasure helping you set the bar high and giving you the tools you need to reach it.

Catalyst just celebrated our fifth anniversary which is a really big milestone for small businesses. Fifty percent of small businesses fail in the first 5 years which is really encouraging for us. We’ve made it through the worst of the initial storm, found our footing, and learned a lot about who we are and, more importantly, who we want to be. On the staff side, we’ve found some awesome people who really add to the space and have become central to who we are as a studio. We want to thank you all for supporting us as we’ve grown to where we are today.

We’re using this milestone to reflect on our core values and on how what we are doing serves those values. We’ve outlined four core principles that we want to define everything about what we do here at Catalyst:

  • Goal Centered Programming – We are here to help you reach your goals. Every client has a different goal so we approach each client uniquely. We help you in setting those goals and guide you towards total body wellness. At the end of the day though, you decide where we go.
  • Personal Attention – In larger studios it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd. We maintain a tight knit community by keeping a high trainer to client ratio. We do this by consistently limiting the number of clients that can be in the studio at a given time. This means you never have to wait for a piece of equipment or feel like you’re on a stage during your workout. We want our clients to feel like our studio is their own personal space.
  • Results Driven Training – We assess every client from the beginning and track progress daily. If something isn’t working then we drop it and find something that will give us the results you want to see. Progress is what drives our programs.
  • Constant Growth – Our programs are designed to be the most efficient route toward your goal. We don’t support gimmicks or fads to create an illusion of progress. We actively work to equip our trainers with new skills and certifications to make sure we are at the top of our field.

With these goals as our focus, we’ve taken a hard look at our practices as a business and found two major areas where we want to focus our efforts this coming year:

  1. High Quality Personal Trainers
  2. High Quality Training Programs

Our business is all about people. If we want a great business, we are going to need great people on board. We are taking active steps toward making sure every trainer we have shares the same core values. Beyond being more selective in who we let in, we are amping up investments in our current training staff with a more rigorous onboarding process and continuing education programs.

The second issue we’ve been grappling with is our current model of private, one hour sessions. When we started at Catalyst, we implemented the one hour model because it was an industry standard with a lot of good pieces that we felt we would benefit from. Despite these benefits, we’ve come to feel that the one hour model has tied our hands in several regards. With one hour booking, our schedule has become very brittle and minor disruptions easily spiral into larger consequences. Additionally, the one hour model incentivises you to work less toward your goals. Every extra sessions costs you more.

With these considerations in mind, we are going to be introducing a new training model based on a flat monthly cost for unlimited training sessions. Whether you want to visit once a week or two times a day five days a week, the rate will be the same. We believe that this new model provides a service that is more in line with our four core principles and empowers you all with greater freedom to chase your goals.
This new model will be implemented starting August 1st and will run alongside all of our current offerings. You can learn more about it here.  We hope that you guys are as excited about it as we are.