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Cleaning Policies

We sanitize and store all common equipment between uses. Additionally, we have invested in a HEPA filtration system for our studio that cleans and cycles the air ~4-5 times per hour.

Until further notice, we will be implementing the following changes:

  • Masks will not be required for clients while working out, but they are required in all common areas of the building.  Coaches will wear masks at all times. 
  • Coaches will maintain a 6 foot separation from clients.  This will result in no direct spotting.  Workouts will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Clients will be asked to maintain a 6 foot separation from each other as well.

  • We will be enforcing a 5 person limit in the studio at all times.

  • Towel and shower service will be suspended and lockers will be closed.

  • Used equipment should be left on the floor.  Coaches will be responsible for disinfecting and storing equipment.

COVID-19 Exposure

Clients who have been exposed to COVID-19 by the CDC’s current definition of exposure will be asked to refrain from training until a test is done and they are confirmed negative for the virus. The current definition is more than 15 minutes within 6ft of a person with a test confirmed case of the virus.

Additionally any client experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be asked to refrain from training until a test confirms they are negative.

Exposure Limiting


In order to limit potential exposure, we will be implementing “Training Groups.” Sets of 3-4 clients on similar schedules who will be in the studio at the same time. Scheduling will be adjusted so that clients from different groups are not in the studio at the same time. Families/households will be placed into the same group automatically.

This is to help limit the spread of exposure in the case of a client catching the virus. For clients with a consistent schedule, this will likely not impact our current schedule. For clients who change schedule week to week, there may be more restrictions going forward.

Session Timing

To prevent cross exposure between training groups, we will be more strict with session timing going forward. Sessions will start on the hour scheduled. Please do not arrive earlier. Sessions will end on the 50 minute mark to allow for the HEPA filtration to cycle air between client blocks.


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